The 2010 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge was launched on June 2nd, 2010 at the Community Health Data Initiative (CHDI)meeting at the IOM, with support from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Initiated in March 2010, CHDI hoped to ignite innovation using newly opened government data sets. By that June meeting, several great applications had been created. The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge is run by Health 2.0, the company that hosts the well known Health 2.0 Conferences

Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, Shanghai 2012

What is it?
An interactive weekend event that brings together software developers, doctors, designers, and anyone passionate about healthcare to create disruptive solutions to problems in the health space.

Who is this for?
Anyone with a passion to improve healthcare services using technology. Expect to meet doctors, nurses, hospital managers, coders, hackers, designers, entrepreneurs, and many other professionals.

Why should you attend?
- Great opportunity to build a diverse team with different expert skill sets to build your healthcare app.
- Opportunity to win our prize - return flight to San Francisco in Oct 2012 to attend the Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference.
- Perfect networking opportunity with innovative healthcare minds.
-  Inspiring and fun weekend where you'll learn lots of skills.

When & Where?
- 17-18th August @ KIC #388 Songhu Lu,Yangpu,Shanghai

How much?
- FREE ! 
-  If you cannot read Chinese, you can also send your details (name, email, mobile number, skillset, idea brief if you have one) to


Health datasets and previous winners:  

Health 2.0 – Examples of Problems & Challenges

  •  Electronic referrals from one hospital to another.
  • Website/App to show infectious disease epidemiology and outbreak information by location.
  • A Visit Me app - for people who don't have a significant other to arrange friends to visit them in hospital when they are not with it enough to set this up - something like setting which slots are       free and people booking.
  • Centralising patient’s comments and complaints to mine for possible improvement (ie. PatientOpinion?)
  • A geoaware app to allow patients with the same chronic disease in the same neighbour to support one another. (ie. PatientsLikeMe?)
  • SELF-CONTROL/BEHAVIOUR CHANGE APP: "exercise more, smoke less, eat more greens, eat less fat" : Obesity and other self-controllable behaviours excessively costs the healthcare services every year. Let's make a phone app to support positive behaviour changees recommended by doctors and collect data on these behaviours. Functionality based on cognitive theory. Give people who want to change the tools to do so.
  • Four industry social media hack (Food, Alcohol, Tobacco, Pharma). Parts of these four industries promote unhealthy living using social media to the personal cost of us all. Can we fight back?


Previous Health 2.0 winners:


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Health Data Sets:

· PubMed Central Open Access:

· Travelers Health CDC:

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